Evergreen Bible Chapel

Who We Are

In addition to being a small conservative evangelical church, we also have a Brethren tradition. For those of you who aren't familiar with the Brethren, here is...

A Bit of Brethren History

In the 1820's, a small group of Christians met in an attempt to return to New Testament simplicity. They took as their guide, not the creeds and religious traditions of the denominations around them, but rather, the Bible. Through many growing pains and some setbacks, their spiritual example is alive and growing today. These Christians have been called by many names - Plymouth Brethren sometimes being used. But their true allegiance remains the Lord Jesus Christ, and they seek happy fellowship with all Christian brethren who love the Lord and seek to follow His word.

These various groups of Christian believers (as they preferred to be called) initially met in homes or small rented chapels and were united in their desire to return to the obedience, simplicity, openness, dedication and spontaneity of the first Christian communities. In particular, they longed to rediscover an "Acts 2" church, and in particular, one that was built on the foundations of Acts 2:42 (teaching, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer) - which in turn led to effective outreach and social compassion.

They believed that the institutional church had become overly formal, governed by non-biblical traditions, and to a large extent was lifeless. The basis for their unity was expressed in their "common life" in Christ. Each local congregation looked to Jesus Christ as its head, was autonomous (self-governing) and was led by a plurality of leaders (known as Elders). They encouraged each member to serve in ministry using the gifts and abilities bestowed by the Lord.

Our Distinctives

We at Evergreen believe that the principles that started the Brethren church still hold true today. In keeping with Acts 2:42, we have unique breaking of bread services and prayer services.

Leadership and Administration

Our congregation is also led by a plurality of men. We believe that the New Testament teaches that Christ is the head of the church, and that there is to be more than one man leading in a local church; therefore, our church is led by a group of men (Elders and Deacons) as opposed to a pastor or minister.

But most of all, you will find us to be lovers of the Lord and his Word, and small enough that fellowship (getting to know and minister to one another) is possible.